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Who We Are


Our primary aim and purpose at ASWATCapital is to represent and bring to you Shariah compliant and ethical investment opportunities. 

Unfortunately, as we know too well having previously been unaware ourselves, many or even most Muslims are completely oblivious to the fact that they are engaging in non-compliant practices whilst trading the market. Due to this lack of knowledge, they invest as and when they like in ANY company or sector, without having second thoughts whether it is ‘Shariah compliant’ or not.

Moreover, we have seen the offerings of investment funds claiming to be ‘Shariah compliant’ while in the very same prospectus explaining their strategies which includes short-selling, forex trading and the rest of it. These practices are completely disallowed and agreed upon.

Our technical expertise, immeasurable experience and overlooking guidance by certified Islamic Finance scholars allows us to manage your wealth in a Shariah compliant and ethical manner, with the obvious intention to make profit or as they say in taxation – capital gains.

Since inception, we have had consistent upward performance Walhamdulillah!

Our advice is only invest if you are comfortable with your financial position. We only really want to take on Capital from investors who simply have funds available lying around doing nothing.

Rather than inevitiably losing value by means of inflation, investing into one of our funds may be a far better pick. We seek to appetize all types of investors.

A Note from Omar

I will start with the honest truth. I have made my fair share of losses especially in the earlier days but I frankly feel that it is only because of those ‘failures’ that have allowed me to learn and advance my abilities and maturity when it comes to investing.

Notice the word investing and not trading – two completely different mechanisms.

Trading can easily amount to speculation which to be fair, you probably need a bit off, but the methodology shouldn’t be based on this. On the other hand, investing is a medium to long-term strategy, outlook and mindset which requires discipline, patience and audacity.

This is what I promote hence our flagship fund; the Halal Investment Fund.

You may be wondering how I will manage capital with other responsibilities. Investing does not require constant transactions as opposed to trading or day trading for that matter. Day trading is deemed Haraam anyway by most scholars.

As you know, with any investment there is always a risk to Capital. However, I aspire and will do my utmost best to preserve Capital in priority and effectively aim to return healthy profits to all my investors with the permission and help of Allah!

I have done so privately for the last couple of years and hence the steps taken to bring in outside Capital.

Along with investors already on board, I invite you too on this journey!



Halal Investment Fund

Steady and long-term capital growth
Target returns: 15% per annum

No Risk No Rizq Fund

Potential for explosive returns
Projected returns: SKY IS THE LIMIT

Our team

Omar Aswat

Chief Investment Officer

Qualifications: CTA ATT ACCA

Omar is a Chartered Tax Advisor with a well-versed background in the financial world. He is currently Director of ASWATAX – a specialist tax advisory firm providing quality, bespoke tax advice to accountants, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Omar is also a student at the Islamic University in Madeenah.

Mu'aadh bin Ahmed Ali

Islamic Finance Advisor

Qualifications: BA(Hons) MA

Mu’aadh completed the Alimiyyah program (traditional Islamic sciences) at a well-established institution in Leicester, UK. He then went on to gain his BA in Business Management and Economics and completed his MA in Islamic Banking and Finance.

Mu’aadh provides consultancy services for ASWATCapital and assists in Shariah compliancy screening for investment decisions.