Frequently asked questions

Once you take the leap of faith to invest with us, we can arrange a meeting or ‘chat’ to answer any questions and hear your thoughts! We strive to build relationships on a personal level.

Once satisfied, we will send over the legal documents in the form of a partnership agreement directly to you via email and all parties will be signatories. This document will outline the whole agreement in detail and is clear and concise.

We are experienced with the stock markets and experts in finance and taxation. Two of the most important aspects to investing.

This is what differs us from other investors and those attempting to trade themselves. Also, an investment into one of our Funds allows you to have exposure and diversify into many different areas and sectors, without incurring any brokerage fees.

Up until now, we have constantly returned profits Alhamdulillah!

You can also sleep well at night knowing that your passive income is being generated from Shariah compliant and Ethical sources.

We build your wealth because that is what we do, while you can go about your day to day life doing what you do.

Most importantly, our intentions are aligned – we only make real money if you do too!

For the many more reasons, please see ‘WHY INVEST WITH US’ page.

Once all the paperwork and due diligence is out the way, we will send over the bank details for the BACS transfer. You will receive email confirmation upon receipt of funds.

We only invest in equities so no bonds, properties or the like.

Funds will be invested into Shariah compliant stocks on the UK markets. We also try to invest into environmentally friendly companies (ESG) wherever possible.

We obviously avoid the Haraam industries like gambling, alcohol etc.

And we have a strong bias towards companies developing disruptive technology for the future, the EV sector, pharmaceuticals looking at oncology and biotech, telecommunications, green and renewable energy and mining companies.

Currently, we are monitoring other sectors too such as aviation, travel and retail due to the inevitable bounce of these industries following the pandemic.

Well the answer is a simple one. We only involve ourselves into areas we know about and are 100% comfortable with. It does not necessarily mean that investment diversification in more markets mean better opportunities and higher returns. Rather could be the opposite!

Many speak about diversification. However, our mature understanding is although diversification is beneficial and practiced by us to a certain extent, one must not see it as a necessity.

If comprehensive research has been concluded and the risk adjudged, then there is no reason why a larger amount of capital cannot be deployed into fewer companies.

Not at the moment and this is under review.

Saying that, we continue to welcome on board new and mature investors Alhamdulillah!

All agreements are officially stamped, bringing you on as a silent partner in either the General Partnership or LLP. Moreover, we would not go out our way to bring something Shariah compliant to the people with ulterior intentions…

We will formally write to you every quarter with a short performance summary and the % position of your investment at that point.

Two reasons. One is because we are trying to promote Shariah-compliant investing for the masses.

Two is to fully align our interests with Investors. We literally only make money if you do too. Rather, our adminstrative and trading expenses are out of our own pockets!

See how confident we are in our strategy!

Sure. We would advise to invest in the Halal Investment Fund with a longer term outlook and steady and solid capital growth.

Please contact us privately to discuss profit sharing ratios. We would love to generate funds for Masaajid, charities etc so please contact us directly!