no risk no rizq fund


Through constant research, immeasurable experience and market knowledge, this Fund has been created to maximize the potential for explosive returns and seek to appetize the more ‘electrifying’ investor.


As always, preserving our investors’ capital is KEY and all efforts go into this.

Then of course, we look for the smaller market cap stocks that have the capacity for rapid exponential growth, assess the board, analyse financial performance, evaluate the company projects and then pray Bismillah!

We invest into stocks whereby the upside potential massively outweighs the downside ability. We are often on the money. We minimize risk and even more so the primary aim here would be to preserve capital.

We have previously exceeded 30% in one month and 80% in 6 months so all is possible.

In order to achieve the greater returns that most look for, one would be required to identify and access the smaller/tinier market caps that have the potential for exponential growth.

KEY WORD: exponential growth!

This Fund will invest into smaller companies with a particular focus on green and renweable energy, telecommunications, mining, pharmaceutical and the technological industries.

As always, all companies will be thoroughly checked and only invested into once it satisfies the 5 conditions required to make Shariah compliant!

Although returns can never be guaranteed, we are strongly confident that profits will be made. 

Please note: We strictly stay away from day trading as we deem it to be Haraam.


No messing around here. This Fund seeks to appetize the more electrifying investor so think big here and short-term. Obviously we stay grounded and pray to Allah for the blessings! Invest in this Fund if you have capital you can afford to lose. This fund targets the smaller companies that have potential for massive exponential growth.

A few words to describe this Fund:

Eccentric, explosive, rerate, massive potential, short-term, exponential, aggressive

As with any investment, there is always a possibility for loss which needs to be factored in, no matter the due diligence and research carried out, as markets and world events are completely unpredictable. So please be informed.

With that in mind, all transactions will be undertaken in our complete trust and with YOU in mind – how can we maximize your returns!?

We endeavour to act in good faith at all times.

Minimum Investment



0 - 100%

Highly ambitious but not impossible as handsome %s have been achieved both in 2017 and mid 2020 and early 2022. All in the 6 months time frame.


6 months


6 months

"Rule No. 1 is never lose money. Rule No. 2 is never forget Rule No. 1."