Why Invest With Us

Anyone can invest in stocks and shares, property, commodities, assets and the rest of it. Below is why you should allow US to manage your wealth and trust US with your investment:

Shariah compliant

We ensure that each and every transaction is ascertained to be compliant with Islamic rulings and principles. To do this, we work on the 5 step screening process outlined and certified by Mufti Taqi Uthmani. We constantly meet with our Islamic Finance advisors and discuss and evaluate all the controls we have in place.

Capital preservation

As with any investment, the risk factor for a potential loss must always be factored in. However, our first and foremost rule and investment strategy is to preserve investors’ capital. This is our top priority and possibly why we have been largely successful till now.


We feel very strongly about this hence why we have brought it up this early. Transparency is why more and more clients are trusting us with their capital. We believe that all should be clear and out in the open when it comes to business transactions. We regularly update our investors on a quarterly basis.


Straight up and to the point. Our information communicated is open and sincere. Yet another reason why clients trust us. If there is information to report, we will tell you. As an investor, one must be aware and mature enough to accept the potential scope of financial deficit.

Exceptional performance

Saying that, we have achieved handsome profits for our clients continuously. Our relentless research and experience puts us in this robust position to turn a profit. Another motivation why you should join us.

ZERO management fee

Although we incur administrative and clerical costs, as well as the time spent on management, we do not charge any fixed management fee*. This is rare in the area of Investment Funds, but we do this as an incentive and because we are also confident in our performance!

* temporary offer

Financial expertise

We highly value ourselves as experts in the field of Finance. Our experience in forensic accounting, corporate finance and taxation puts us in a commanding spot to analyse companies and their financial statements which simply ensures our research is comprehensive and consequently allows us to make better informed judgements and investment decisions.

Ethical investing

Wherever possible, we try to invest funds into ethical and environmentally friendly companies. As a matter of fact, one of our strongholds is in the renewable and green energy sector – looks promising for solid returns too!

Profit cleansing

We dutifully practice on the above concept. Some companies may have tiny aspects of non-compliant elements so the understanding is 5% of total profits should always be given away in charity or as philanthropical activities. We firmly promote this.